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Hom by Domicile

Ottawa, Ontario
Price Range: $256,000 – $500,900
Square Footage: 583 – 1,061 sqft

Overview of Hom by Domicile

Domicile’s new condominium project, Hom, is one of the new developments currently under construction behind Little Italy’s Preston Street. Located midway down Champagne Ave., Hom will be walking distance from the O-Train and Dow’s Lake, perfectly situated for families and professionals alike. Hom offers its owners the comfort, harmony, and convenience of condominium living without exhorbitant prices-- a “nice place, nice price,” indeed.

Hom by Domicile: Condo Mini Market Report

Unit Availability: 20% available (roughly 22 units)
Hom sale information: 50 / 110 units taken within two days [1]
Average condo unit asking price: $328,950 (homSuites), $552,200 (Penthoms)
Average unit living area: 791 sq/ft (homSuites), 1160 sq/ft (Penthoms)
Average price per sq/ft of a unit: $415.80 (homSuites), $475.60 (Penthoms)
Lowest Hom price listing: #811 homSuite, 1 bedroom, 583 sq/ft, $256,000
#PH-1205 Penthom, 2 bedroom, 1061 sq/ft, $500,900
Highest Hom price listing: #1009 homSuite, 2 bedroom, 955 sq/ft, $401,900
#PH-1203 Penthom, 2 bedroom, 1261 sq/ft, $603,500
Construction status of Hom: Construction began November 2011
Occupancy Spring/Summer 2013


Hom's Features and Amenities

  • Included appliances in units:
    Fridge, dishwasher, gas stove, microwave
  • Construction features of Hom units:
    Ceramic construction, granite countertops, laminate wood flooring, individual thermostat and hydro meter, sound-proofing
  • Cable and other services in units:
    Pre-wired cable and internet
  • Conveniences of the Hom complex:
    Terraced garden; main lobby includes lounge, meeting room, kitchenette; fitness room, indoor parking, high security, non-smoking
  • Environmental considerations of the development:
    LEED registered certification, energy-efficient and water-efficient appliances wherever possible
  • Hom's pets, parking, and storage:
    Indoor and visitor parking, but parking is $30,000 extra and not available for every unit, pet-friendly, one storage locker on same floor is included
  • Fees and taxes on the units:
    Condo fees estimated at $0.40 per sq/ft per month, $30 / month for the parking space. Property taxes estimated at 1.3% of purchase price.

Hom by Domicile's Building and Units

- homSuites are floors 2-10, Penthoms 11-12
- 11 units on 2nd and 3rd floor, 76 units on floors 4-10, 12 Penthoms on floors 11-12

Why Hom?

So why stay in the newest Domicile condominium and townhome development? Why not! Hom will be the epicentre of comfort, convenience, and quality construction in Ottawa when it is finished. “Nice place, nice price” is the truest slogan which can be applied to this project. For more information on Hom, contact us for the latest news!

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