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SOHO Champagne

Ottawa, Ontario
Price Range: $253,900 – $2,200,000
Square Footage: 535 – 3,000 sqft

SOHO has been busy in the Ottawa Little Italy area lately, with construction beginning on the Champagne condominium project in March, and the Italia project in the works. Both housing and retail projects are right on the end of Little Italy, near the intersection of Preston St. and Carling Ave., and are walking distance from the O-Train and Dow’s Lake-- perfect for all of the development’s owners. The 17-storey project promises to bring new retail into the area, as well as its luxurious, high-convenience, and richly developed living spaces; along with Hom, it will be the key to breathing new life into the only partially-developed Champagne Avenue.

Mini Condo Market Report

Number of available living units: 146 total units
Average living area: 1767.5 sq/ft
Lowest Champagne price listing: $253,900 (about 535 sq/ft)
Highest Champagne price listing: $2,200,000 (about 3000 sq/ft)
SOHO Champagne construction status + occupancy: Construction began March 2012
Completion Winter/Spring 2014


Features and Amenities of Champagne

- Included appliances in condo units: 
European AEG appliances -- oven, stove, dishwasher, fridge, microwave-- washer/dryer not included
- Construction features of units: 
Individual heat/cooling, concrete, noise-reduction, some suites have wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling windows
- Cable and other services in units: 
Pre-wired cable and phone
- Conveniences of the Champagne building:
Concierge, library, club room, lounge, bar, hot tub, party room, dining room, fitness room, movie screening room, high security
- Environmental considerations of the condo project: 
Energy efficient appliances and window glass, car sharing service available
- Champagne's pets, parking, and storage: 
Parking $32,500 extra, storage $3,500 extra, pet-friendly
- Condo fees: 
Estimated $0.49 per sq/ft per month

Champagne's Building Layout and Unit Information

C - Ash (623 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
C1 - Basswood (623 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
D- Birch (713 sq/ft, 1 bedroom) - 13 units
E- Cedar (617 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
E1- Cypress (617 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
F- Elm (723 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
G- Fir (614 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
G1 - Hazel (614 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
H - Hickory (698 sq/ft, 1 bed) - 13 units
J - Ironwood (986 sq/ft, 2 bed) - 13 units
K - Maple (996 sq/ft, 2 bed) - 13 units

Why the SOHO Champagne?

SOHO Champagne represents the highest quality of living available in Ottawa-- if you’ve ever wanted to live like a king (or queen), here is your chance! With its high-end amenities, unit styles for all tastes, and an unbeatable location, SOHO Champagne is the way to go for luxurious living! Let us know if the SOHO Champagne is a good fit for you!

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