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SOHO has been busy in the Ottawa Little Italy area lately, with construction beginning on the Champagne project in March, and the Italia project in the works. Both projects are right on the end of Little Italy, near the intersection of Preston St. and Carling Ave., and are walking distance from the O-Train and Dow’s Lake-- perfect for all of the development’s owners. The 17-storey Champagne project promises to bring new retail into the area, as well as its luxurious, high-convenience, and richly developed living spaces; along with Hom, it will be the key to breathing new life into the only partially-developed Champagne Avenue.

A SOHO Italia Overview

SOHO Italia is set to become Ottawa's tallest building, at 35-storeys, provided the area in which it is to be built is rezoned by the city for that height. Not many other details have been released about the project yet. For the latest news, visit the SOHO Italia blog.

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