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Alta Vista

Alta Vista

You can rest in one of Alta Vista's beautiful parks!

2100 Cabot St
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 6K1

Welcome to Alta Vista!

Alta Vista, Ottawa is known as a beautiful small community tucked away from the business and rush of Canada's capital city. Still, such a scaled-down neighborhood in such a unique area of Ottawa is bound to be filled with interesting people and stories. Let’s find out more about the charms of Alta Vista, its restaurants, activities, and residents!

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Key Features of Alta Vista

Incredible Amenities

Using the OC Transpo Transitway puts the necessary amenities of Alta Vista, like its amazing shopping malls and its several schools, in easy reach. Ottawa Hospital’s General Campus is also only a short distance away! The hospital is the basis of the University of Ottawa Eye Institute, a major ophthalmology research and training organization within Canada.

Amazing Lifestyles

Alta Vista’s residential roots have resulted in a close community. Tennis courts, recreation centers, multiple parks, and the popular Pelican Seafood Market and Grill’s seafood dishes offer plenty of activities and food for locals to enjoy together!

Alta Vista at a Glance


  • Many of the homes in Alta Vista were built in the mid-20th century.
  • Housing prices usually range between $250,000 and $2,700,000.


  • Many of the residents are workers at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus, forming a close bond between them.
  • Alta Vista's parks provide areas for picnics and outdoor sports with friends and loved ones.

Alta Vista Attractions

Key Features of Alta Vista


Hosting attractions such as the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, and containing restaurants like Pelican Seafood Market and Grill, Alta Vista isn’t a neighbourhood to miss out on! Enjoy lunch at E.T Cafe only a street away from the Rideau Canal, or visit Billings Estate National Historic Site, a heritage museum dedicated to preserving the home of an early settler to Alta Vista.


On a slow day, spend some time with friends by shopping! Billings Bridge Shopping Center hosts a PACESETTERS program, which emphasizes the value of daily exercise. The program allows you to socialize, do your errands, and exercise at the same time. Visit the Alta Vista Plaza for anything you can’t find at Billings Bridge!

Parks and Recreation

Alta Vista is only a few minutes away from Rideau Canal. Pleasure boats drift peacefully along the waters of the canal that connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River. If boats aren’t your thing, Alta Vista has plenty of other outdoor spots to enjoy, such as Vincent Massey Park!

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