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Civic Hospital

Civic Hospital

Residents of Civic Hospital enjoy plenty of options for properties featuring various floorplans that contain multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and mixed-use rooms designed for functionality and openness. Nestled in an area known for its iconic institutions, beautiful parks, scenic views and welcoming spirit, Civic Hospital locals enjoy convenient community access to many modern amenities and multicultural events.

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Key Features of Civic Hospital

Shopping, Dining & Events

Living in Civic Hospital provides residents with numerous opportunities for shopping, dining, and festivals. Discover breathtaking scenery while exploring downtown riverside pathways that wind through friendly neighbourhoods filled with beloved local restaurants, unique shops and cafes. Locals enjoy an unparalleled urban living experience with plenty of year-round events.

Parks & Recreation

One of the main attractions in Civic Hospital is the abundance of green spaces and recreational facilities, including multi-use pathways along the canal, perfect for biking or a quiet stroll. With numerous parks, sports fields, an outdoor wading pool and outdoor rinks, basketball courts, splash pads, play structures, and even a lake, locals can get outside on a beautiful day.

Civic Hospital at a Glance


  • A mix of modern properties with a variety of spacious layouts designed for functionality
  • Views of the riverfront and the iconic skyline


  • Well-known for its universities, museums and international business communities
  • Easy access to downtown and diverse cultural experiences

Civic Hospital Attractions

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