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Borden Farm

Borden Farm is a neighbourhood in Nepean, Ontario, built on the site of the former Borden Dairy Farm. The Borden farm community was built in 1967–1976 and features single-family homes with parks and bikeways placed behind the houses, instead of on the streets. There was more development in the 1980s and early 1990s.

The boundaries of the neighbourhood are Merivale Road to the west, to the north Parkwood Hills, to the south Viewmount, and to the east Fisher Glen.

One of the housing developments found alongside the Borden Farm neighbourhood is Fisher Glen, built in the early 1980s. Other housing developments are Stewart Farm, Parkwood Hills and Carleton Heights.

It is home to four parks, shopping strips on Merivale, a small shopping strip on Viewmount Drive, and three schools Omer-Deslauriers High School (formerly J.S. Woodsworth High School), Century Public School and Merivale High School. JS Woodsworth High School operated from 1973 until its closure in 2005. Merivale Mall is a short walking distance from the neighbourhood.

There is the Borden Farm Child Care Centre on Chesterton Drive.


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