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Looking for a special and unique place to live, dine and enjoy? Tired of the same places and architecture? Have a creative mind of an artist at heart or in profession? Wondering if there is a neighbourhood in Ottawa that will captivate you with its remarkable own character and spirit? Welcome to Hintonburg - discover all the big wonders of a central Ottawa neighbourhood.

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Neighbourhood Details

Hintonburg is located to the west of downtown Ottawa, with a northern boundary of Scott Street, O-Train line in the east, the Queensway in the south (Highway 417) and Holland Avenue in the west. This favourable location creates convenient opportunities of getting around the city: Hintonburg is located within walking distance to the amenities on Wellington Street as well as offers plenty of bus routes and one of the Ottawa’s main O-Train stations for an easy and convenient commute. Being close to downtown Ottawa, shopping, transit, employment opportunities – is a great welcome for those residing or thinking of moving to Hintonburg. The longest and the shortest bus ride to downtown is 20 and 15 minutes respectively, while the longest and the shortest drive to downtown is 8 and 5 minutes respectively. 42% of the residents use cars as means of transportation to commute to work, while 28% and 24% correspond to busing and walking. 

Glimpse of history

Hintonburg is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Ottawa: its first subdivisions go all the way back to 1850’s. Hintonburg was named after the original civic official and long-time shopkeeper, Joseph Hinton commemorated for his remarkable contribution to the community. Hintonburg became part of Ottawa in 1907; and since then it has successfully developed and prospered to the little magic neighbourhood it is today. According to the EnRoute magazine (2007), Hintonburg is "one of Ottawa’s top ten emerging neighbourhoods in Canada". Its spirit is captivating and will keep you coming back for more. 

What will you discover in Hintonburg?

Hintonburg as Ottawa’s Art District

Are you an artist at heart or in profession? Enjoy visiting galleries, theatres and studios, theatrical and musical events and art-friendly restaurants and cafes? Hintonburg is the right place for you! Hintonburg is famous for being the so-called QUAD initiative in Ottawa – which stands for Quartier des artistes / Arts District – a unique art initiative in Ottawa. The QUAD was established in 2003 and since then the neighbourhood has been offering a great variety of art galleries, theatres, rehearsal space, live-work studios and much more. There are 22 cultural facilities available for you to enjoy – you will have no regrets! As well as the annual ArtsPark – "a very urban village fair" held every May. Hintonburg estimates around 400-500 people of cultural workforce – and according to a report from Hill and Associates K1Y postal area (Ottawa West including Hintonburg) has the second highest percentage of artists in the region and almost three times the national a

verage. Hintonburg is a lively art-oriented community in the heart of Ottawa bringing more and more successful cultural and business entrepreneurs to the area, making the neighbourhood safer, more attractive to residents and tourists, provides employment and housing for Ottawa artists. Feel free to explore Hintonburg’s Astotin Art Studio, Cube Gallery, 4Cats Arts Studio, Great Canadian Theatre Company, Kitchen Wall Gallery, Orange Art Gallery and much more.

Hintonburg’s Dining

Hintonburg offers a wide variety of dining experience, including unique art-friendly restaurants. Enjoy a fine meal at the Burnt Butter restaurant on Wellington, try the fresh bakery at the Happy Buns Bakery on Somerset West, have a great meal at the Cozy’s Diner on Wellington, enjoy a great cup of tea at Nectar Fine Teas; or plan a get-together with friends at the Urban Element for some fun and entertainment and much more.
Various fitness activities are offered in Hintonburg – anything from Kung Fu at the Ottawa Kung Fu Centre and yoga at the PranaShanti Yoga Centre, to the Ottawa Running Club that will get you marathon-ready, outdoor activities, fitness clubs and personal trainers from Ottawa Fit.

Stay Fit in Hintonburg.


Hintonburg’s Entertainment, Shopping and Events.

  • Explore Hintonburg’s geographical landmarks likethe Parkdale Market, Parkdale Fire Station, The Rosemont Public Library, and Parkdale United Church and much more.
  • Come on over and enjoy the great recreational facilities offered in the neighbourhood: go skating at the Tom Brown Arena, take part in the sports and social activities organized at the Laroche Park and Hintonburg Community Centre.
  • Hintonburg offers various shopping options: from children’s clothing, formal wear, eco-friendly toys and accessories, to pets’ grooming, spa treatments and Canada-made gift shops. Hintonburg is also a home for health care services like massage therapy (Calm Connections Massage Therapy), optometrist (Holland Avenue Optometry), and naturopathic services offered by Healing House.
  • Enjoy remarkable art events offered in the neighbourhood like the annual urban fair ArtsPark, plays, musical and theatrical performances.
  • There are also 5 schools available in the neighbourhood.

Now that you have explored Hintonburg with us, what interests you the most in this neighbourhood? Would you consider living in Hintonburg? Contact us for a complete list of homes for sale in Hintonburg or visit our Condo Listings below!

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High rises in Hintonburg take about 40% of the housing, with 22% corresponding to single-detached homes; 21% to low rises; 11% to row towns or duplex; and 6% to semi-detached homes. The majority of housing in Hintonburg is rented (66%), and the remaining 34% is owned. About 35% of the residents are empty-nesters; 31% - young professionals; 22% - upstarts and 12% - retirees. At the moment, prices range from $414,900 to $999,900, where the average home price is $630,455. This difference could be explained by the boost in the demand for housing in the area and desirability of the location; or could be showing the homes, currently for sale, that are in the most desirable parts of the neighbourhood.

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