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Rockcliffe Park is a neighbourhood in Ottawa known for its glamourous homes in one of the best locations in the city.  Located just north of New Edinburgh, Rockcliffe Park has amazing sights of the river between Ontario and Quebec.  What separates Rockcliffe Park from any neighbourhood in the city is the fact that it doesn't feel like a city at all.  In fact, Rockcliffe Park feels like its part of the country with its quiet streets and the houses situated underneath the high stretching maple trees.  Residents to this area have access to a walking path for fitness and pets, a community centre and library, a rock garden, a playing field and the breathtaking MacKay Lake.

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Neighbourhood Details

Rockcliffe Park is primarily a residential area, a neighbourhood that pays high attention to its community and history.  You'll notice that Rockcliffe Park is home to Rockcliffe Park Public School and two prestigious private schools Elmwood School and Ashbury College.  Rockcliffe Parks's community hall and library is also plays a big part in the community by holding events, parties and activities to bring neighbours closer together.  While Rockcliffe Park doesn't have any restaurants and shops, its just a short walk to the businesses in New Edinburgh, especially around Beechwood Avenue. Take a look at the New Edinburgh business directory for an extensive list of places to visit!

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If you're seriously considering buying a home in Rockcliffe Park for the long term, you should definitely consider this charming neighbourhood.  To get you started on your homebuying adventure, contact Chris or drop him a line by calling 613.238.2801.  Other neighbourhoods you might want to explore near Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa's Central with a Car district include Alta VistaManor Park, Overbook and Vanier - The French Quarter.  

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Located east of the Ottawa River, Rockcliffe Park offers a quieter residential experience for homeowners who want play in the city, but have a more serene home life. Rockcliffe Park isn’t only for people who want to live in a detatched house either, you’ll be surprised at how many condo buildings are available in this area! The average price of a condominium in Rockcliffe Park is $808,000, with prices ranging from $180,000 to $875,000. Housing prices in this neighbourhood usually range from $750,000 to $5,000,000. This neighbourhood is definitely a place where you want to escape from the city, and live in for the long term.

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