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The neighbourhood of Vanier is located in the east of Ottawa across the Rideau River from the neighbourhoods of Lower Town and Sandy Hill, and just south of Rockcliffe Park and New Edinburgh. It has a population of 16,258(2011 - Wikipedia). To the east of Vanier is the neighbourhood of Gloucester. Vanier has a relatively small area with a high population density. Montreal Road is the main thoroughfare of the community.

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Neighbourhood Details

Like nearby Lower Town, Ottawa's Vanier neighbourhood is home to a number of French-speaking immigrants. The neighbourhood no longer has a majority Francophone population. In fact, in 2012, its Francophone population has shrunk to less than 40% from 63% in the early 1980s.

Transportation: Getting Around Vanier

Vanier offers a vast array of ways to get around the neighbourhood. Along with numerous bike paths and walkways, there are many OC Transpo bus routes that service the area including Routes 5, 9, 12, 14, and 18. The Ottawa Train Station can be reached quickly from Vanier, in approximately 5-10 minutes via car, or 15-20 minutes via bus.

There is easy access to the rest of the city via the Vanier Parkway and the Queensway from most points in Vanier.

Where to Eat in Vanier

If you feel like eating out in Vanier, there are many restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. A relatively new restaurant, Bobby's Table, offers smoked meat along with real, freshly cut fries. If you're a fan of Italian food, Vanier offers Louis' Restaurant and Pizzeria, Pizarro's, and Lorenzo's Pizzeria - all popular spots with great food.

In addition, there is an array of Indian, Vietnamese, and pub-style restaurants, all within walking distance.

Vanier Amenities

Vanier offers a wide choice of retail shops, strip malls, eateries, and bars. It is also the site of an urban Maple Sugar Festival (Festival des Sucres) held in the spring. The neighbourhood is also home to an outdoor Catholic shrine, the Grotte de Lourdes. A new Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health is set to open on Montreal Road, right in the middle of Vanier.

You will also find an Outdoor Farmer's Market that operates annually from the first weekend in July until the beginning of October.

For more information on amenities in Vanier, check out our Vanier Business Directory and the Quartier Vanier Merchants Association.

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Buy Your New House or Condo in This Neighbourhood

In addition to a variety of housing styles, there are several proposed upscale condominiums and infill developments. Vanier is being increasingly considered a target area for gentrification. It is one of the last relatively inexpensive neighbourhoods in Ottawa, with a desirable location next to downtown.

Homes in Vanier range from $200,000 - $719,000, consisting of many single-family dwellings, duplexes, and condominium complexes. Condos in the area range from $180,000 - $661,000. For condominiums in Vanier, check out what Les Lofts du Montfort and Le St-Denis complexes have to offer.

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