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Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill (known in French as Côte-de-Sable) is a bilingual, historical neighbourhood located just east of downtown Ottawa. The area is located on the west of the Rideau Canal and on the east of the Rideau River, within walking distance to all of Ottawa's Summer Fun. Once one of Ottawa’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, many of its large estates have been subdivided into multi-unit residences. The community is highly diverse, comprising students, middle class families, and highly affluent residents.

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Neighbourhood Details

Sandy hill is situated within walking distance of the ByWard Market, so shares many services and shops of the market, including grocery stores and the transitway. Located close to downtown, Sandy Hill has excellent public transportation, a large shopping complex, and many schools to serve its families. A number of historic churches are located in the district including All Saints Anglican, St. Alban’s Anglican, St. Clement Catholic, St. Paul’s Eastern United and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

Eat at the Restaurants of Sandy Hill

With the large student population in Sandy Hill, many affordable, and yet delicious, restaurants line the main streets. Some of our favourites include:

  • Govinda's - Finally, a buffet for vegetarians
  • Moon Dog - Open for breakfast!
  • Freshii - Customizable meals

See a more thorough directory Sandy Hill restaurant & business directory.

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Housing prices range from $429,000 - $1,700,000. Condos range from $207,000 to $1,250,000.

Check out our resources if you're a first time home buyer. Even condos are available!
Even students should consider buying, especially so close to school.

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